Action Research: Becoming better Learners

Introduction: I want to make students aware of the strategies for learning a foreign language.  There is a big gap between what we think that students should be doing and what they actually do.  There is a silent gap in which these things don't match.  I think tha tthe problem is that teachers expectations are not clear and students don't know how to get their.  So the solution is to help students to learn the metacognitive skills and to help teachers be more clear about the expectations that they have for learning.  

For example we ask students to write an essay, about the their holiday or some experience.  They write a simple essay without much details only in the present tense.  Teachers are dissappointed by we don't help them write.  For example we don't help with all of the component skills and many students don't have these skills 
What kind of information is expectedd 
Connection words to use to connect sentense or paragraphs]
brainstorm example with them so that they can see the richness of experiences
You can help them think about tenses.  
You could model the process by writing an essay for the students. 

Teacher get fustrated but they don't solve the problem. k

As a teacher I wanted to make students more aware of metacognitive skills.  I wanted them to become more skillful learners.  If they develo9p these skills to learn language, they will be able to use these skills throughout their learning experiences.  

My overall research question:  How can I help students to become better learners by teaching them metacognitive strategies for learning.


Cycle 1:  Teaching Students Metacognive Skills

I decided to being to work with students because they are ones that have the minimal awareness.  Teachers also need to change but I wanted to start with students to see for myself what is the effect of teaching them metacogntive skills. 

The research questions for this cycle is

If I helps students to become more aware of metacognitve strategies, how will it affect their self reporting of their learning process.

Increasing student Awareness

I offered an extra credit class afterschool on metacognitve strategies.  Initally about  5-6 students signed up and they provided an overview of their own understanding of their learning..... some participate sporatically.... fill in ....   and two students  followed through to the end. So in this cycle, I descibe the way in which this metacogntive training helped two students with very differerent learning profilse and learning objectives.

One of the students had learning difficulties and yet every friday she came and talked about her learning profile.  I taught her how to use dictionaries.  

The second students likes to write poetry so we brainstorms ideas of organization and what are the best ways to present.  

Data and Analysis 
The end of this afterschool activity, I asked the two students who were regulars to write about how they now undertood the learning process.  I compared their first essays with their final essays and found....

I wanted to know if this process of instruction would be effective.  Even though I am only working with two students, I still wanted to learn if this approach would have any lasting change on their own conception of themselves as learners. 

reflection should lead to framing cycle 2

Cycle 2: Working with Students in the Classroom 

In cycle one, I worked with students in a voluntary afterschool program but now with some confidence that this is effective, I wanted to try this out in my regualar classroom instruction. 

Cycle research question: 
If I teach whole classes about metacognitive strategies, how will it  affect the organization and grammar of their writing and their ability to present their ideas in the second language. 

Description of how you organized the classroom.  What were some of the things that you did?  And what did you see over time.  

To increase the student learning, I created a project that was meaningful  for the students.  I asked them to create stories in their emerging language for blind students.  (descibe the process) 

Data and Analysis

Cycle 3: 



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