Action Research Resources

A set of 12 tutorials will help you learn how to be an action researcher.  Think of it as an interactive handbook.  However to begin your work, it is best to be part of a team, learning circle, or program. Or work closely with an iEARN teacher who has already been engage in action research.  This video was made at the beginning of the project.  The 12 tutorials are now complete although I hope to soon begin updating them. 

Learning How to Be an Action Researcher

The self-paced online course in action research is made up of 12 Tutorials each with a short video to watch, a set of activites to complete (with linked writing templates for those that involve writing), and resources to support the completion of the activities. The goal of creating these materials is to "flip the classroom" so that learning about action research is done outside of the collaborative learning space so that valuable collaborative time can be used on thinking about each person's action research activities.  They are freely available to help support the learning of action reseach.