This short video describes the value that Katherine places on global exchanges. Through her action research she is finding new strateies in classroom organization that make it possible for her to find the instructional time for students to engage in global projects like those that are offered on the iEARN network. 

Making Time for

Katherine Korte began with the goal of introducing more project based learning into her classroom.  To do this she would need to have a way for students to have the course content available but also have more class time for discussion.  To accomplish this, she flipped the classroom lectures with homeowork.  Using video and screen capture, she assigned watching her lectures at home and used classroom time to engage in discussions.  Once she was somewhat confident that students would learn in this way and that test scores would not drop, she started to experiment with new learning projects in the classroom. 

What if were 2050 and there were colonies on Mars and the new settlers had different concerns, religion, labor, security and freedom.  What form of governement would they create for themselves?  Can working out the difficulties of different groups of people in the design of government, help her students have a deeper understanding of what the colonists in the new world faced a few hundred years ago? 

The open question was would students be engaged in deep learning and still do well on the content driven questions that make up the district and state testing.  

In the next cycle, she working out how different forms of collaboration affect project work. She is experimenting with ways of arranging classroom furniture and rethinking the collaboration structures she uses to see how best to developing both individual and social cognition. 

​ The video below provide a short summary of Katherine's work presented at the International Education and Resource Network in Brazil, July 2015.

Her 2015-16 Action Research project is on collaboration and classroom design. 

Katherine Korte