Linda Giesen   
Highland Park Independent
School District  

    Action Research: Think for Yourself, Live for the World
A rich and varied vocabulary is essential for both reading and writing.  These are necessary skills for working with others.  My goal this year is focus on strategies that will support and develop vocabulary learning. 

Research Question:
How can I increase my students enthusiasm for reading, build stamina for silent reading, along with vocabulary instruction essential for reading comprehension?
Cycle Stories
Cycle One: Exploring Literature

If I read to my students daily, discuss
vocabulary, examine characters, authors
intent and purpose, theme, inferencing,
what effect will this have on their
interest in books? If I give them time
for sustained silent reading, will they
want to read every day?


Measure of Academic Progress (MAP)

Fall Overall Reading Scores:
44% Hi; 33% HiAvg; 17% Avg; 6 LoAvg

Vocabulary Scores
33% Hi; 33% HiAvg; 11% Avg; 22LoAvg

Fall Fountas & Pinnell:
56% grade level; 61% above grade
level; 6% second grade

Low vocabulary skills focused my
attention on strategies to build vocabulary.
Cycle Two: Interpreting Stories

If I use questions from previous test
Texas state tests to help guide
reading comprehension, how will this
effect the student’s comprehension
and vocabulary as measured on the

I modeled how to use the questions,
and we discussed what would help.
We practiced more on “what is the best
summary”, inferencing questions,
(using mentor texts) to help them.
I also had them examine books they
read to explore characters and how
they changed in these stories.

This lead to good discussions which I
hoped would lead to better literacy
Cycle Three

If students discussed the reasons
behind both correct and incorrect
responses to test items from the 2013
tests, what effect will this discussion
have on their comprehension?

Mygoal was to build both literacy skill
and confidence. 

Measure of Academic Progress (MAP)
Spring Overall Reading Scores:
58% Hi; 32% HiAvg; 11% Avg;
Vocabulary Scores:
42% Hi; 37% HiAvg; 16%; Avg; 5% Lo
Spring Fountas & Pinnell:
89% above grade level; 11% same level
Overall Reading Scores:
63% Advanced; 37% Satisfactory
iEARN Conferences
Morocco in 2017!
Linda presented her action research at the conference in Argentina, 2014 and again in Brazil in 2015.