Chiu Action Research Projects
Project 1:
Preserving our past
Project 2: The River is
our Heritage 
Project 3:
Clean Drinking Water 
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Project 3: Challenge -72 hours find a way to purify water for drinking 

In 2017 the flood water ran through Huanuco and caused a crisis for clean drinking water.  Again the students of the Colegio de Ciencias had a real problem to solve.  

The challenge was to build a device that can transform dirty water with microorganisms and bacteria into drinking water.  The device is to be built on site with minimum cost and should be durable (one-month minimum).

Actions: Students took on the challenge to invent devices that could transform the dirty water into drinkable water in 72 hours. 

The specifics of the challenge were given as follows: 
           • You should use common materials that you can find almost everywhere
           • The tools to be used should be the simples ones, such as knives, saws, pliers, manual drill. Don’t use electric tools. (Think that the                      locations where they will use have lost the electricity).
          • Don’t use chemical products like water disinfectant. The solution should not need electricity.
          • You can use painting and glue.
          • The cost should be as low as possible, try to use recycled material.
          • A person needs a minimum of two liters of water daily.

Analysis of Actions