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Action Research: Developing Responsible Citizens of the World
Carlos Chiu

School and Students Do Action Research Together 
Carlos Chiu

I have been working with the teachers and secondary students at the Colegio de Ciencias in Huanuco Peru to  challege them to be responsible citizens of the world.  

This work has taken place across three cycles the students have created three videos to document their work. But first it important to describe the overall context of the work.  As the director, I challenged the teachers to help the students engage in project based learning with some very specific dimensions of the projects.  We wanted to help students understand a community problem and see that both the school and the students could play an important role in tackling the problem.  The nature of these problems need to be something that is not an exercise but a real thorny problem that is not easy to solve and cannot be solved by in a short amount of time by a simple remedy.  The problem should be complex and need work over time.  From an educational prespective, the learning objectives should both be clear and emergent.  There are clear objectives that stem from the work, and their unknowable objectives that will evolve as the youth action research unfolds. 

Learning Objectives

Some of the clear learning outcomes involve learning how to learn, engaging in long term planning and thinking, authentic problem solving, collaborative team work, critical thinking, and reflection.  Values and attitudes are vital to the work and students needed to take their action with resolve and dedication as the work is not easy or quick. 

More is coming soon but here are links to the three videos describing the different action research projects that Carlos has supported over the years of working with the team in learning circles. Changing Course                                                                     
In each of these three cycles of students engaged in a process of helping their communities.  They were not rewarded with either money or grades.  This was in addition to school work and was done because they are responsible for their part in developing their community. 

The videos are posted here as an introduction but they are also posted in each of the three cycle reports. 


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